AKC Virtual Home Manners Online Evalutions

Earn AKC Virtual Home Manners titles from the comfort of home!

Testing for AKC Virtual Home Manners titles can be done completely online via video submission.

Complete the process outlined below.

  1. Review the requirements and test items at https://www.akc.org/products-services/training-programs/canine-good-citizen/akc-family-dog-program/virtual-home-manners/.
  2. Train your dog at home.
  3. Make a video of you and your dog successfully completing each VHM test item.
  4. Text the video to AKC Evaluator Lara Mahr at (269) 767-6080 or share the video by Dropbox to info@hausmahrgsd.com. Contact Lara if you prefer use a different platform or setup an evaluation via Zoom.
  5. Send the $12 video review fee using PayPal. Virtual Home Manners testing is free for owners with a dog from our breeding program.
  6. After reviewing your video, Lara will send the required forms to you. She will also send copies of the forms to the AKC.

Online Video Review Fee

The $12 fee is paid to the AKC CGC Evaluator to review your video. Please note the AKC charges additional fees to process your title.


Frequently Asked Questions About Video Evaluations

Does my dog need to be registered with the AKC?

Yes. You must provide your dog’s AKC registration number or if your dog is not registered, you can get a PALS or Canine Partners number. Mixed breed dogs can earn the VHM title.

How do I film my video?

You can use a smartphone or camera with recording capabilities. The test items can be filmed in a continuous video or in several smaller clips.

How long does the video review process take?

The video evaluation is completed within 2 business days.